PM Zeta Class Concert

On April 8, 2012, the Zeta Class of Probationary Members of the Phi Mu Alpha – Kappa Xi chapter organized a PM Concert. PM concerts typically feature the talents of the PM class, but this semester, the PMs decided to open it up to any brother who wished to perform. This allowed for the recital to showcase an even wider variety of music than in previous years.

The recital featured works for a variety of instruments including: trumpet duets, saxophone and percussion duet, solo marimba music, electric bass duet, and a jazz trio. Featured music included works written by well known American composers and some original compositions by both PMs and Brothers. While the atmosphere of the concert was rather informal, the playing was not. All Brothers and PMs who performed did an exceptional job.

The PMs were solely responsible for organizing the recital. Some of their duties were advertising, booking rooms, and coordinating with everyone who wished to play on the concert. In years past the PM recitals have been attended mostly by Brothers only but the Zeta Class of Kappa Xi did a fantastic job at organizing a successful recital that was well attended and enjoyed by all.

-Ian Grzyb